April 5, 2016

Pizza Champion! — Nino Coniglio Wins Pizza Maker of the Year!

Bada Bing, Bada Boom! Brooklyn native and owner of Williamsburg Pizza, Nino Coniglio has made his hometown proud, earning 1st Place and the title of Pizza Maker of the Year at the 2016 International Pizza Expo. It is the first time a New York pizzaiolo has won this annual tournament, which took place March 7-10, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV, drawing the world’s best pizzaioli to compete in the weekend long competition.

In addition to the grand prize, Coniglio won the Traditional Division Regional – Northeast and Traditional Division Finals. Coniglio has previously received 2nd Place in the Pan Division and 1st Place in Traditional Pizza making in 2015.

Nino Coniglio - 1

Nino Coniglio – Pizza Maker of the Year 2016

The Vegas showcase features the International Pizza Challenge with bake-offs before judges in five divisions and Pizza Maker of the Year finals; and the World Pizza Games, a skills competition in five divisions. Contestants are required to bring their own ingredients, but are limited to no more than two toppings. Coniglio used buffalo mozzarella sourced from upstate New York, local basil, San Marzano tomatoes, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. The panel of judges based their decision on both taste and visual components.

Coniglio says, “I wanted to bring back the pizza of my father’s generation…I was sick of cookie cutter pizzerias without quality ingredients.”

Coniglio is an alumnus of the United States Pizza Team and holds five wins worldwide for acrobatic pizza spinning competitions. In January 2015, he took 1st Place at the Caputo Cup Pizza Competition in Naples, Italy, the largest and most famous pizza contest where contestants are invited to take center stage and go for the gold in two categories: Traditional Neapolitan and New York Style.

The International Pizza Show began in 1985 and is the largest pizza show in the world. The competition pits some of the world’s best pizzaiolo against each other, with over thirty contestants in the New York Style alone.

2016 International Pizza Challenge Awards for Nino Coniglio:

– Pizza Maker of the Year Champion

– Traditional Division Regional Winner – Northeast

– Traditional Division Finals

Congratulations, Nino!

B the best in the world,


*Shadrack Pizza Jamz Video starring Nino Coniglio; filmed/edited by Kathryn Sheldon.