August 14, 2011

NYWCA Presidency

I used to say, half kiddingly, that I peaked in the sixth grade being both President of the Student Council and Captain of Patrol.  I thought, what if this was it?  As good as my leadership skills would get?!

Well, over 25 years later, I am thrilled to announce that I have reached a new plateau, beyond my elementary school status (whew!)  On August 9th, I became the new President of the New York Women’s Culinary Alliance (NYWCA), putting this BPR President at double duty presidency.  Shall we say, president squared?

Joking aside, I am very honored to be the NYWCA President, committing to a two-year term with this wonderful organization that fosters education, networking and cooperation among food and beverage women professionals in NYC and the tri-state area.  I have been a member of the Alliance for over a decade, and I am looking forward to leading this near 30-year old organization, and working with a fabulous group of women that share a common interest.  Here’s to women in food!

To learn more about the Alliance, go to  You can also check out my Member Profile in the Membership Showcase.

B a leader,