2013 March

Contest! Predict 2013 JBF Chef and Restaurant Award Winners

Attention JBF Enthusiasts:

In the name of restaurant fun, we’ve decided to have a little contest.  Inspired by food writer Bret Thorn’s annual predictions of the James Beard Foundation Chef and Restaurant Awards, we’re asking YOU to join in with … Read More

Who Goes There? – Le Perigord

It’s so nice to see our client, Le Perigord, highlighted in Eater, New York’s “Who Goes There?” column by Lost City’s Brooks of Sheffield.  The title is “Aging Clientele and Excellent Sole Meuniere at Le Perigord.” Read it here.

B … Read More

Hearpreneur – Why did you start your business?

As an entrepreneur, one of the things that I often get asked is: “Why (how and when!) did you start your business?”  Thanks to Hearpreneur, you can read my response here or here:

Because my temporary layoff gave me the … Read More